Owners Harald and Rossanna Rudel are a bit of Aruba that you'll cherish forever. Enter the cozy dining room and you are greeted by Rossanna (Roxy). Her warm smile makes you feel as if you have known her all your life and Wacky Wahoo's is a place you've been coming to for years. Harald is hard at work in the kitchen, getting ready to make your favorite meal. He'll come out to your table, making sure that you are as comfortable as if you were having dinner at an old friend's home. And what a meal he's prepared for you!

Just imagine fresh fish caught that morning from the sparkling clear waters off the Aruban coast. Add to that imported Argentine meats, hand selected by the chef. Mix delicately with the herbs, spices and traditional ingredients of the Caribbean and finally combine it all with the knowledge and skill of a European trained chef. The result is a menu of dishes that can not be found anywhere else on the island - or the world for that matter. Aruban dishes are infused with a touch of Spain or Portugal. Old favorites from neighboring islands are, perhaps, given a new twist with splash of a wine from Germany or a hint of seasonings reminiscent of Italy. A truly unique blend of international styles and ingredients will leave your belly full, your taste buds in awe and your dining psyche blissfully content.

Welcome to Wacky Wahoo's

For reservations call (297) 586 7333